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Our playtest team ranked YTEX Quadro Twist to be the best string we’ve ever tested for Spin Potential. Our team also ranked it the second best overall string (first being natural gut) out of the 159 strings we’ve playtested to date

When it comes to softness and feel, YTEX Quadro Twist is one of the best strings I’ve tried. If you want something that allows you to really feel the ball on the string bed – I can’t think of a better string than YTEX Quadro Twist.

This string's ultra grippy shape and excellent pocketing earned it a near perfect score for spin. For the player who wants a comfortable and very responsive control string, Quadro Twist is one of the most promising options available

Why Choose YTEX Tennis Strings?

Designed by Science for Unmatched Performance

Our tennis strings are created in small-batches utilizing a patented proprietary cooling process to maximize performance and elevate your game

Our Focus

While other tennis brands primarily produce racquets, we focus exclusively on tennis string technologies and making the best strings possible

Made for All Levels of Players

The "big brands" design their strings for their endorsed pro's who restring their racquets daily, with tension maintenance as an afterthought. Our strings play better for longer

Our Players Favourite Strings


A multifilament that provides instant comfort to players who suffer from tennis elbow and doesn't fray as it wears


The most durable string by YTEX, offering chronic string breakers a softer alternative compared to the traditional durable stiff polyester strings

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