Quadro Twist White 16L | #1 Rated String for Spin | YTEX Tennis Strings Canada

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Quadro Twist White
Quadro Twist White
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Quadro Twist White

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The Quadro Twist is our flagship string!

If you are looking for a very SOFT co-poly and a SPIN Monster then this string is for you! This is the best tennis string on the market you can get besides natural gut!

This is a square profile co-polyester + carbon + polyolefin string manufactured by a dual process of extension and axial twisting, finished with a patented Thermo Foil Cooling process

Racquet Stringers Industry rated the Quadro #1 in spin and #2 overall out of 157 strings they playtested:

"Our playtest team ranked YTEX Quadro Twist to be the best tennis string for Spin Potential. Our team also ranked Quadro Twist second overall in Tension Retention, fourth overall in Resistance to Movement, ninth overall in both Power and Control, and 13th overall in Durability. They also ranked it well above average in Playability. As a result, the cumulative score vaults YTEX Quadro Twist into second place overall of the 159 strings we’ve playtested to date for publication"


Gauge: 16L (1.26mm)
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Construction: Twisted Square Shaped Co-Polyester + Carbon + Polyeolefin Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Alfredo Reatiraza

It’s giving my opponents trouble returning my shot because of the spin.
String tension is 55lbs. Will try 50 next time.

Lukas Zalesky
These are seriously high quality strings

This is a really great product!!! I am a 5.0 player and I practice with D1 players. I use a Babolat apure Aero Tour usually at 52lbs tension. I like to play with heavy spin whenever possible. These strings suit my game style perfectly! The spin potential is fantastic. More importantly though, the strings are very durable, and their playability duration is long. By this I mean that the way they feel after freshly strung and towards the end before they break is pretty similar. For someone who breaks strings frequently, this is extremely important. Some other brands (at their best) can probably match the durability (time to break string) but the playability duration (how the string feels throughout its playing time) is on another level. Overall in my honest opinion this string playing quality is up there with Babolat RPM and Solinco Tour Bite, and other strings of that caliber. But I give YTEX Quadro Twist the edge because of its durability / longevity properties. Thanks YTEX!

Rahul Koppula
Love the string and customer care

Love the quality of the strings. It is soft on the arm with good amount of spin. When I didn’t get the first product and I emailed inquiring about it, Ivor personally called me and shipped another set with shipping info. He gave a bunch of tips on the stringing as well. I appreciate taking care of the customers like more than the product itself. The strings are great and I’ll definitely be buying more.

Haji Bui
Quadro twist!!

I string this up about 3 weeks ago @52 pounds in my Prostaff 97 v13. I played with these strings around 15 hours and they are still giving me if not more spin than when they were fresh. I’m a 3.5 ntrp and like to hit hard heavy topspin balls and even after the 15 or more hours of play they just started to notch and keeping tension like a dream. Comfort level is off the charts allowing me to play everyday without any arm pain. Quadro twist is a really powerful string and is full of control as well. Loving this string as it’s still performing well and going the distance.

Brian Thomas
Prepping for another USTA state title

Stringing up multiple racquets for the defending SC Mens USTA State Champions with Quadro Twist. Players love the feel, spin and control they get from this string! Looking to repeat this weekend with the help Ytex!!