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Square-X Sharp
Square-X Sharp
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Square-X Sharp

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You’ve asked us for an 18 gauge string… and we've listened!

We selected our popular SQUARE-X string to introduce our first 18 gauge with but be careful… this one has edges nearly sharp enough to shave with

The SHARP is our square-shaped string but designed to be thinner with super sharp edges. I can tell you now, that this string will be a nightmare for stringers but a DREAM for players!

This string is a very soft co-polyester and easy on the arm like most of our co-polys.
The SHARP gets an A+ in most departments, effortless power; incredible feel; control, and that “wicked” spin. However, with its sharp edges and being a thin 18 gauge, it’s not the most durable co-poly from our line.

The SHARP is ideal for those players looking to get what feels like “an illegal advantage” when it comes to spin.

Gauge: 18 (1.15mm)
Length: 40ft/12m and 660ft/200m
Construction: Recessed Square Shaped Co-Polyester + Carbon

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jean Belliveau
Great but still not Quatro Twist

QT is simply the Sh-T on every aspect of shot making,,,

darnell caballes
alot of bite & spin, lively!

ntrp 4.5 male, all court, heavy spin on fh/bh, using on a radicalPro (orange paint job).
definitely feel/see more spin/bite on the ball, especially on serve (slice, kick), compared to my typical strings (lux rough).
had to string ~38lbs.... tried at 48lbs, and it felt too stiff, needed to swing harder.
compared to ultracable, it feels livelier (but still stiffer/not as comfortable than lux rough)... i attribute that to being a 18g (vs. ultracable is 17g).
not very durable... broke in 3-4h of play, which is ok, as i expect that in a spin oriented string (square+thin18g == more grabby == more string movement == more sawing of the mains)

only con is if i'm playing another spin player, and i try to "block" the ball defensively... the ball tends to play the racquet. i need to commit to swinging on my groundstrokes. i find controlling touch volleying against heavy topspin/slice tougher (but that's ok, since touch is not my strength/goto weapon anyway)

Carlos Hernandez
Bite and spin

The strings were for a customer. He liked the strings alot! Bite and spin!

Diego Tavera
Best Strings i've ever used!

I was recommended to YTEX by a Germanteaching Pro, who also competes at a very High Level. I already respected his input, but when i got the chance to try YTEX Square Sharp for myself i got to formulate my own objective opinion. Wow, it was apparent from the first couple of minutes hitting that the unique square shape of the string grabbed the ball unlike any other string i'd played with before. The strings also have amazing precision on touch shots with the 18G version, did i mention spin? Love the Lime color, and durability seems to be up to par with some of the higher-priced alternatives. Ivor was kind enough to add some extra goodies with my first shipment like a very cool red shirt and a stencil kit, that goes a long way. Just do yourself a favor and try these string, your game will be rewarded in every aspect!

Adam Smith
great string to play with but a pain to string.

great string to play with but a pain to string